"Fascinatingly uncategorizable...cutting the line between Chicago juke and hipster club finer than it's been
cut in years."   
Robert Fontenot - Offbeat Magazine


The official site of New Orleans' own heavy blues band JMMBs, named after legendary LA club owner Laura "Mama" Gross.  Stay a while and check out music, videos, upcoming shows and projects! 

( If you are looking for the rocking 80's Irish Mama's Boys click here.) 

  • 100+ Festival Appearances
  • 30+ European Tours
  • Recorded for 4 National Radios: BBC in London, Classic 21 in Belgium , German National Radio in Bremen & Dutch NPO 2.
  • 11 Critically acclaimed records.
  • 4000+ gigs
  • SPRING Ghalia & MBs EUROPE 2018 TOUR a success ! See you in MAY!
  • Ruf Records Ghalia & MBs "Let the Demons Out" Released Jan 2018!

Previous events


European Tour Johnny Mastro & MBs

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Johnny Mastro & MBs



Michel Roccetti, 20 Quai de Brabant, 6000 Charleroi 0032 (0)478 472 768 roccetti.michel@live.fr


  • Ouverture des portes : le 14 juin 2014 dès 14h00 au ROCKERILL (136, rue de la Providence - 6030 CHARLEROI)

Google Maps :

https://maps.google.com/maps?ll=50.413126%2C4.404253&z=15&t=h&hl=fr-FR&gl=US&mapclient=embed&iwloc=lyrftr%3Am%2C13548496075882252165 - Bar et petite restauration - Prix des entrées : 20 € sur place, 15 € en prévente


  • "Station Avia" : Rue de Saussin - 5190 SPY
  • Boutique "Imagine" : Rue de Marchienne - 6000 CHARLEROI
  • Café "Le Tyrol" : 4, Rue Tumelaire - 6000 CHARLEROI


  • Paiement sur le compte : BE43 0882 2053 0101
  • Communication : Nuit du Blues Charleroi +vos nom et adresse + nbre de places NB : prix de 15 € + 1 €/pers. (frais de réservation et d'envoi)
  • Date limite de commande des billets d’entrée : le 4 juin 2014

–– Maison du Hainaut : 20, Quai de Brabant - 6000 CHARLEROI Phone 478472768 Email ecp_blues@hotmail.com

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Blues Warrior?
Back in 2010, I drove to the Sunset Strip and pitched a reality show called  "Blues Warriors" to a successful reality show producer. It would follow the band around on all its adventures as it tried to make a living making music.  I guess the crazy and ridiculous adventures on the road were not enough of a draw and it was shot down in a matter of seconds!  Anyway, the name lives on and we now use it to refer to our musical family and fans. I guess its for people who like rough and honest music from the heart and want to be part of JMMBs trip through the melodic universe.

If you saw us recently and could not tip due to your mind being blown (HAHAHA)...feel free here!