Recording at the Music Shed for "Never Trust the Living"

TIME STAMP: New Orleans end of July 2014.

2 sweaty days in the lower garden district recording live for the new release. The Music Shed  was an ideal place and provided an old school live sound. No headphones, isolation, or fancy or dirty tricks...Just 4 guys (and a few cases of the Original) getting together in a big room and playing some music while Ben Lorio and his boys record the results. The sound at the Music Shed was wide-open and fat with the harmonica bouncing all around the place, The band hit their stride by the second day and as usual got better as the session went on. We have not recorded like this since 2004 Black Album done at Glen Nishida's Pacifica Studios in LA, The biggest challenge was getting everyone comfortable with the situation. First, because the sound they are hearing is really different than at a live gig. Secondly, with the fact that when recording live there is the fear of hitting a clam and ruining a take! Rob Lee was a total pro on drums and sounded awesome throughout and with Dean Zucchero on bass it was an unbelievable session.  In the end , it has what I was looking for: an old school room sound with open sounding drums and kind of natural, big and raw sounding guitars and harp.

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